The Magic of the Philippines

authortravel Sailing The Coral Carpet

I was talking today to Russell who spent years #travelling throughout interesting places in South East Asia … and now, as a Filipina, realizes that her own country is full of endless magic throughout the 7000+ islands. We spoke of far off places in the north of the country like the Batanes Islands which has a burial culture also found in southern Japan; of the Guimaras Islands in the Central #Philippines where the indigenous tribe is claimed to originate from Australia; #Butuan in NE Mindanao where the ancient #Balangay boat used to sail as far as Japan, China, India and to Africa over a thousand years ago. The variations and rich intensity of diverse local culture is endless as one travels throughout the Philippine Islands.

I have travelled to 50 countries and I am now enthralled and inspired and determined to travel myself further afield within the rich tropical magic of the Philippines. Caramoan in Eastern #Bicol is full of islands in their natural state and islands like Calaguas, Bantayan, Camotes, Siquijor, Biliran,and hundreds more await the real traveller prepared to take the time and make their own adventure. If one visited every island in the Philippines for 48 hours each it would take you 40 years just to see the Philippines Islands. My advice is start your journey now and immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy life’s journey….travel is the True Education! #authortravel #SailingTheCoralCarpet #sailing #travel #traveling #wheninmanila #adventures #travelphilippines #comeseephilippines #ChoosePhilippines #ButuanCity #travel


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