A 2 Day Outing South of Manila

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A Scouser, a Greek and a Scotsman rode out of Makati on motorbikes t’other day …. 2 Royal Enfield classic bikes were the main order of the day (now being imported into the Philippines) and the trip through Cavite, Batangas and Laguna was on the cards. The Scouser’s Filipina wife thoroughly enjoyed the trip despite her initial doubts, and the first order of the day was to escape from the hell of Manila traffic …. into the bliss of the Batangas countryside and beachside at Matabungkay.Once through the recent tunnel near Caylabne in Cavite the raw hillsides were an encounter with bliss. A four foot monitor lizard scurried across the road as we roared through the greenness and purity of nature. The Coral Beach Club was a pleasant break from the ride, before the one hour trip up to Tagaytay, and a place with a magnificent view of Taal Lake with a room at $US15 a night. The next morning an early sunny ride winding around the west side of Taal Lake to the historical wonders of Taal Heritage town. There our first visit was to the biggest Catholic church ever built in the whole of Asia, and then the Camera Museum next, with photos from the Philippines as far back as the 1880s. There are several museums in this town which is the 2nd best preserved Spanish town in the whole country after Vigan in Ilocos Sur. The town is brimming with beautiful classic styled Spanish houses on every street corner. A garden break at a classic Spanish house converted to a hotel -Paradores Del Castillo – within its quiet solitude, before we pressed on to Los Banos, and the abundance of its hot spring water pools that are thanks to the active volcanic springs from Mount Makiling with its bubbling mud pools on its upper slopes. A long nights rest re-invigorated us all before we flew back on the Southern Expressway into Manila to be swallowed by the aggressive angry traffic that is the increasing hallmark of Manila.

The Scotsman, the Scouser and the Greek wound their way to their own homes …. and another trip will soon be on the cards as the warm and friendly smiles of the provincial folk left a lasting impression. The magic of the Philippines is wound deep within the heart and souls of a people friendly beyond compare.




Bruce and friend

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