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Bruce M. Curran

Bruce M. Curran
Aluminium Tube Travel Publication 2012-present
Waterline Leisure Publication 2003-2006
Sailing Instructor
Contributing Writer

Bruce Malcolm Curran was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1948 and educated in Edinburgh University and earned a BSc Degree in Social Sciences, concentrating on Economics, Economic History, Philosophy and Social Anthropology. He was a Rhodes Scholar (Rhodes University South Africa), gaining a BA Post Graduate Degree in Economics and Economic History. Bruce found a niche with his trained excellence and passion for finance as a Financial Columnist for Business World, and in contributing financial articles for Asia Tigers, various financial websites and other printed publications. He has even been quoted in TIME magazine on stock market activities in New York (but is not sure if that is a good thing!). He has been a Financial Consultant/Advisor for 20 years.

“I like to see myself as having developed a keen ‘third’ eye that embroils me in life at all its vibrant levels. My passion is writing about what I see and how I see. I aim to leave a legacy of 20 books, and one way or another see this as stamping my mark on the world as a legend!”

A Scotsman with a free spirit for life who has taken many adventures into the unknown, leaving everything in the hands of the universe. He has chanced many dips into an endless whirling spectrum of wonders and fresh realities. He has followed the sun and been guided by the stars in a multitude of countries on six continents. The moon then welcomed him to the Philippines, where he has found his adopted home. He has travelled to 55 provinces in this country, and his passion is to discover more of the magic that this archipelago of 7000 islands indelibly holds.

Bruce has had 3 main phases in his life’s Grand Journey:

Land Journey
His ‘Land Journeys’ that have taken him to 16 countries on his Norton Commando 750cc motorcycle which he bought new in UK 1971, and which he still owns to this very day in 2014, some 43 years later.
Water Journey
Then he moved to his ‘Water Journeys’ with some 35, 000 miles of sailing off the coasts of 5 continents.
Head Journeys
Now he has progressed to what he calls his ‘Head Journeys’ writing about travel and living.

“He has written many hundreds of articles and he is determined to leave a legacy of 20 books. His books are aimed at sharing his encounters with experiences to widen people’s horizons, and to make people thirst for adventure, and to invite everyone to explore a life worth living and full of heart-warming and life-changing memories.”Shauna Indra Salina Aliguyon Fortunato Curran


Vera Murell


Vera Murell was an Olympic swimmer who represented Great Britain at the Olympic games in Paris (1924) and again in Amsterdam (1928) and won the silver medal at both, she may also have gotten a Bronze medal in the freestyle individual event in 1924. Vera may have been 1 of 3 pacers in the first swim across the English Channel in 1926 by an American swimmer (referring to Gertrude Ederle, who just two years later, at the 1924 Paris Olympics, won a gold medal in the 4 x 100 meter relay and a bronze in the 100- and 400- meter freestyle races). She might also had a world record for a woman swimming 1 kilometre and 1 mile.
She was a teacher and she has dedicated her life to helping others especially during the war. She was imprisoned in Stanley, Hong Kong for 3 1/2 years.

Major Edward J. Curran


Major Edward J. Curran of the Royal Army Medical Corp (RAMC), was a Hygiene Specialist  and was Officer in Command Hong Kong Field Hygiene Section, RAMC. He was specialized in malaria and malaria prevention which during WWII was a major problem effecting troops manning the Gin Drinkers Line. He remained in the Army after the war. He retired after 35 years with the RAMC and was awarded the CBE, DSO and OBE for distinguished service.

Sister and Children


Philippa ( 1940’s – 1987 ) In 1967, on Bruce’s birthday, she gave him a book called “GIPSY MOTH: Circle the World” by Francis Chichester (An aviator and sailor, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for becoming the first person to sail singlehanded around the world by the clipper route, and the fastest circumnavigator, in nine months and one day overall.) that inspired him to sail and which led him to his “Water Journeys”.


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