Unlocking the Coastal Charm: Saunton Sands Beach Retreat

Saunton Sands Hotel - North Devon


When it comes to seeking the perfect coastal getaway, Saunton Sands Beach in the United Kingdom stands out as a gem worth exploring. With its pristine shoreline, breathtaking views, and a plethora of activities, Saunton Sands offers an unforgettable experience for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. In this article, we will delve into the beauty and allure of Saunton Sands Beach, guiding you through its stunning features, activities, and the ideal way to plan your visit.

The Beachfront Paradise

1. Location and Accessibility

Nestled in North Devon, Saunton Sands Beach is conveniently located near the village of Braunton. This prime location ensures ease of access for visitors traveling from various parts of the country. The M5 motorway connects to the North Devon Link Road, making it a hassle-free journey.

2. Scenic Beauty

Saunton Sands boasts an expansive three-and-a-half-mile stretch of golden sandy beach. The untouched natural beauty of this location is simply awe-inspiring. Visitors can revel in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the rolling sand dunes that frame the coastline.

3. Surfing Paradise

Surfing enthusiasts consider Saunton Sands Beach a paradise. With consistently fantastic waves, it attracts surfers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice looking for lessons, you’ll find the perfect waves to ride.

4. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

For families, Saunton Sands offers a safe and enjoyable environment. The gently sloping beach and lifeguard presence make it an ideal spot for children to play and swim.

Exploring Nature

5. Diverse Wildlife

The beach’s proximity to the Braunton Burrows UNESCO Biosphere Reserve brings a unique blend of wildlife to Saunton Sands. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the numerous species that call this area home, including oystercatchers and sandpipers.

6. Coastal Walks

Saunton Sands provides access to some of the most picturesque coastal walks in the region. The South West Coast Path allows hikers to explore the rugged beauty of the coastline, offering stunning vistas at every turn.

Activities Galore

7. Beachcombing

Collecting seashells, driftwood, and other treasures washed ashore is a popular pastime for visitors of all ages. The beach’s constantly changing landscape ensures that each visit yields new discoveries.

8. Beach Sports

From beach volleyball to sandcastle competitions, Saunton Sands offers a wide range of beach sports and activities. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some friendly competition with friends and family.

Dining and Relaxation

9. Beachside Cafes

Several charming beachside cafes offer delectable treats and refreshing drinks. Savor a seaside meal with the soothing sound of the waves in the background.

10. Picnic Areas

If you prefer to bring your own snacks, Saunton Sands provides convenient picnic areas with stunning sea views. It’s an excellent way to enjoy a leisurely meal with loved ones.

Planning Your Visit

11. Accommodation Options

To fully immerse yourself in the Saunton Sands experience, consider staying at one of the nearby hotels or holiday cottages. These accommodations offer stunning views and easy access to the beach.

12. Weather Considerations

As with any coastal destination, it’s essential to check the weather forecast before your visit. While the beach is beautiful year-round, planning for the right weather can enhance your experience.


In conclusion, Saunton Sands Beach is a coastal haven that beckons travelers with its natural beauty, water sports, and serene ambiance. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, this beach offers it all. Plan your visit today to experience the wonders of Saunton Sands.

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